5 Ways to Apply Social Media Marketing to your Arizona Business

With the growth of technology, marketing has moved to the internet following the prevalent customer adoption of social networks and social media. As a result, no matter what sort of company you’re running, be it a brick and mortar retail store in Chandler AZ, Gilbert AZ service organization, internet retail business, Phoenix digital marketing company or a Mesa SEO consulting agency, you can no longer ignore social media as an advertising channel.

Here are 5 steps to take if you’re wanting to develop your social networking presence for your local Arizona business.

Step 1 – Choosing the social networks to develop

There are many social media channels to pick from, and it’s important to understand which social media networks are best for you to spend the time, energy and money developing for your organization. If you are thinking of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat – you aren’t wrong whatsoever. There are more than 200 social networks which you can make use of to your benefit.

Facebook is one of one of the most popular and used social media channels in the world. When picking the social media network to target, the essential thing to think about is this: Where does your audience invest the majority of the time? There is a distinction in culture and actions between social media networks, and they are mirrored in the demographics and psychographics.

One Arizona business that has seen success in developing their company’s presence online with social networks is Express Roofing in Mesa AZ. Express Roofing works in Chandler Arizona and also Gilbert Arizona, in addition to the entire Phoenix metro area. Using Facebook ads and the Facebook business page feature, Express Roofing recently reached more than 260 targeted consumers in the Gilbert and Chandler area with a $500 discount rate coupon with a post that addressed the concern lots of property owners have, and that is, “Should I replace my old roof prior to offering my residence for sale?” For this Gilbert roofing company, Express Roofing is effectively utilizing social media to establish their prominence as the best roofing company in Gilbert AZ as well as the leading roofer in Chandler AZ.

If you are not sure of all the social networks available to you, a great resource is knowem.com.


  • The more accurate you are in defining your audience, the better you will become in reaching them. When selecting your audience, consider the main issue they have that you could fix for them as well as exactly what they’re trying to find, together with how they could take advantage of what you have to say.
  • If you’re utilizing social media for brand building, to start, stick with one social media network to develop your brand on very first.
  • A lot of company owners¬†push off taking action because they presume that there is a certain bar for content quality, posting regularity, etc. for a social media strategy to be effective. Your initial message, video clip, or image, will likely be your worst, but as you practice your quality will improve. Get started today!

Step 2 – Images

Every social media platform supports photos and video clips. Nowadays, everything on social media is visual. Snapchat and Instagram were the creators of the visual social web, yet today, even LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter support all media types (images and video clips). Twitter has even struck deals to disperse full-length sporting events as streaming media to their users. The images you upload will be the first thing users see about you. Be creative and as high quality as possible in how you present yourself.


  • Research all social networks to discover your competitors and obtain suggestions and inspiration, however never ever duplicate.
  • Make sure all your images and videos are licensed. Any picture you discover through a Google search is probably not in the public domain, and therefore you cannot include it on your website.
  • When developing images, make sure to inform your designer which social media sites channel you plan to use it on. Each social media site utilizes a different dimension depending upon where it’s being used. You want to get the measurements correct in order to optimize for the highest quality.
  • When you’re developing a brand, use images that follow who you are. We recommend making use of customized digital photography. This will make certain that your website is completely consistent from the messages you make to the supporting visual style (images and also video clips). Second, you will stay clear of unpleasant letters from lawyers claiming copyright violation.
  • Use Canva to produce your images. Canva is cost-free and provides an easy interface with pre-built themes.

Tip 3 – Content creation

For a local business in Arizona to do well on social media, you must create compelling web content for your target market. Content is how your brand will be perceived and seen online. You should not upload just any kind of material if you want to be taken seriously. Always create content with your desired audience in mind. Only develop and share material your target market wants to see or hear. And do not be afraid to take a contrarian view.

If your market is moving in a different direction then your thinking, don’t be afraid to be the lone voice recommending an alternate viewpoint. Make sure your arguments are clear and legitimate but don’t be shy to take an opposite view. For those who disagree, they’ll be driven to watch your material.

As you are preparing your material, think about the actions you desire your audience to take after reading your content. And take into consideration just how you desire your target market to be involved. Your content must always have an objective, whether to increase interaction, build basic understanding, or cause your target market to take action. Existing on many social media sites while creating your content strategy and pitching it to your audience will certainly take time. For this reason, outsourcing much of the creation step will permit you to focus on more crucial things related to your brand.

If you are an efficient author, you could involve an outsource editor to supply the final polish. Nevertheless, in the event that you are unable to compose, you can record your thoughts in bullet point form and then hand them off to an expert writer who is able to assemble them into the appropriate format.


  • Be aware of how frequently you ought to publish and share material on your social media profiles. Do not think they all act the same. On some social media sites networks, it’s suggested to post greater than 2 times each day.
  • If you contract out content/material creation, see to it to provide the vendor a clear picture and strategy relating to the type of web content and appropriate specs such as word count that you expect. Likewise, exactly how often it ought to be shared as well as the very best way to manage feedback pertaining to your brand.
  • When you’re sharing material from outside sources, see to it the website is credible and has a good track record.

Step 4 – Managing your social networks

Once you have an active social media network, you must invest time to manage it. Handling your social channels appropriately will require you to track and stay engaged with conversations on your network(s), reach out to other account owners in order to develop connections, and much more. Don’t get so focused on the content production and writing that you forget to develop your community. Without an active audience, there will not be anybody reading what you create.

Handling your social channels is vital to preserving your reputation online. You should be transparent with grievances and feedback. If you need more time, ask for it – if your team dropped the ball, fess up to it – companies get into PR (public relations) trouble because the didn’t react well to a complaint, not because the complaint event happened.


  • If you outsource your social media monitoring, be specific about your goals.
  • Make use of a tool like Sprout Social to keep an eye on mentions of your brand name along with interaction with your content. You must recognize what’s being stated about you online to make sure that you can amplify it, or deal with it. In today’s global environment negative reviews in one country can influence your business in the United States.

Step 5 – Evaluate the results

Tracking and assessing your social networking results will provide crucial feedback on the success of your strategies and methods. For example, if you are driving website traffic to your site using your social media network profiles, without utilizing Google Analytics or another device that can gauge the origination of website traffic to your website, how will you recognize if your social media marketing initiatives are paying off?

When sharing links, make use of Google Tag Manager to produce a trackable web link. By doing this, you will be able to track clicks with a high level of accuracy. Using Google Analytics, you can also develop objectives that make it simple to track your social progress. Jeff Sauer on his site jeffalytics.com has exceptional training resources to help you master Google Analytics.


  • Be sure the data you collect is representative of your purposes. For example: If you are not tracking the source of website traffic you will have no other way to recognize if your social media efforts are creating the outcomes that you seek.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of seeking fans only, or using the number of fans as a success or failure metric. Followers alone does not equal success.

Adhering to these 5 steps is a big job, but success on social media is not much more challenging than what you just read. If the work involved is overwhelming to you,  do not worry. There are digital advertising and marketing firms like seorankeragency.com that can assist you with putting together a thorough plan and executing it.